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Van Nuys Appliance Repair Works

"7 Days a Week Expert Technicians Will Fix Your Appliances"

Get appliance repair in Van Nuys, CA when you need it. Dial (818) 338-9630 and work out a time for a repairman to fix your issue.
For both residential and commercial appliance issues, our Van Nuys appliance repair company can save you. It starts with setting up a service call; one of our repair techs will go to your Van Nuys location and look into the issue right away. If you are happy with the repair quote, we’ll also forward the discounts we receive on purchases from our local parts supplier. Give us a call right now and have your appliance repair in Van Nuys, CA finished in no time.

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13300 Victory Blvd #105, Van Nuys, CA 91401Los Angeles, CA, 91401

Phone: +1 (818) 338-9630
Contact person:
Paul Reeves
- Owner -
Phone: 8183389630

Working Hours: Weekdays up to 6 PM; Saturday; Sunday

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Is your fridge not working properly? Our Van Nuys refrigerator repair team has expertise in all types of refrigerator repair jobs. From commercial refrigerators in fast food restaurants to basic fridges at home -- and even those 20 to 30 years old -- we know what to expect when diagnosing and repairing them. We also have access to refrigerator parts in Van Nuys CA for almost any make or model of fridge made in the past 15 years. If you need a refrigerator repair on an older model, you might want to weigh the value of replacing the unit instead. The biggest benefit of upgrading from an older model is secretly the energy savings. This will give you so much every month off your energy bill, meaning the difference in cost between repairing and upgrading could be paid off on its own. You can always ask for our repair professional’s opinion; if we think you are better off replacing the unit, we will just say so! Otherwise, if you have a simple need, we can handle your refrigerator repair in Van Nuys CA without causing an inconvenience to you. Our Van Nuys CA appliance repair professionals are quick to arrive, identify the reason behind your fridge’s performance issues and draw out a solution. From there, we can locate the refrigerator parts you need from our Van Nuys CA suppliers and head back to your place to finish the repair. In the end, you will be charged for just the refrigerator parts and labor. Those that decide against getting their fridge repaired after receiving a written estimate will be billed for the service call. If you haven’t gotten a refrigerator repair in Van Nuys CA through us already, we will also deduct $20 off your first one!

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Contact us now to book your washer repair in Van Nuys CA with a company you can rely on. We have maintained and repaired appliances in the Van Nuys CA region for dozens of years now. With a long list of happy clients who have turned to us for their washer repair needs in the past, we are proud to say we can handle any washer repair in Van Nuys CA. This includes both the fixing and servicing of washing machines for residential use, and for commercial purposes. We can even do the repair from within your rental property, in a large apartment complex, or even in a laundromat or similar place of business. When you come to us for a washer repair, we first get you to elaborate on the problem at hand. As you explain what’s wrong with your washing machine, and which washer parts seem faulty, we get a good feel for what could be to blame. Then we have a professional Van Nuys washer repair guy or gal visit your Van Nuys CA residence or business to fully diagnose the problem. This is where we can tell exactly what it will cost to fix up your appliance and get it working as it should; if the rate works for you, we will promptly grab the washer parts in Van Nuys CA and get back to finish the repair. Our prices are always fair, as we only ding you for the washer parts and labor; if you aren’t certain, call around before committing to us and see how we compare with the rest. If you happen to choose us for the job, keep in mind you will also get $20 off if it’s our first time dealing together.

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Your washer and dryer are two appliances that are best handled by those who have provided Van Nuys dryer repair for decades. You do not want to leave the job in the hands of a friend, an in-law, or otherwise, as you will be setting yourself up for disaster. In every repair scenario we face, there are inherent dangers that arise. Most of the time the average Joe does not have enough experience working with electricity to truly know how to handle all the dryer parts. It just takes one wrong decision to put yourself in the hospital, so don’t bother skimping on ordering a professional dryer repair in Van Nuys CA through a reputable service provider. We can help with your dryer repair in Van Nuys CA without breaking your bank account. This is possible as our experts only ding you for parts and labor. Further, you get the option of going ahead with the repair after you know what the labor and dryer parts will cost in total. Upon successful completion of your repair, we will give a final invoice charging the actual amount we were billed on paper for your dryer parts in Van Nuys CA. At the same time, we will test your appliance to make sure the dryer repair worked. Sooner than later, we will be out of your Van Nuys CA residence and your dryer will be working once again. Call us right now and explain what type of dryer repair help you need at the moment. We will work over the phone to figure out the cause of the problem and a possible solution, as well as to figure out when you would like one of our Van Nuys CA appliance repair pros to visit you.

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