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Braces Houston are needed by a pretty large percentage of the overall population, with some estimates at approximately 60% or higher. In other words, many people are familiar with the steps involved with wearing braces. The process of having braces put on usually takes about 1 or 2 hours. More about what to expect when you are getting braces in Houston follows.

The Process of Getting Braces

When your orthodontist has determined that it’s time for you to get braces in Houston, there are steps that lead up to actually having the braces placed in your mouth. First the dentist will ask for your medical background in order to assess overall health. An examination will be made to evaluate various aspects of your mouth, such as the relationship of the upper and lower teeth to each other. X-rays will be made, and then impressions are made. The patient bites into wax to make impressions of the upper and lower teeth. Assessments will be made about such details as your facial features and tooth position at the beginning of treatment.

Finally the Houston braces will be placed in your mouth, and it can take one or two appointments to complete the entire process. Examinations and adjustments are made every month to ten weeks. Changes are evaluated all along the way, to determine progress.

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